3 things I'll do different as CEO

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Dominique De Cooman

I am very happy to be able to share the role of CEO with Steven Pepermans.

Steven will focus on the professional services to go from website to digital experience (Strategy, UX, Drupal CMS, Mautic marketing automation, SEO, Data, consultancy and training) and the operations of the company and myself will focus on the commercial part of the company and the further development of our DXP product the Dropsolid Experience Cloud

3 things I will do differently from last time:

  • Distribute leadership among many more people.
  • Keeping myself busy with what I am good at and what I like (heavy cliché but it is true) Such as:
    • Product development: bundling problems that come up several times in a package and thereby giving customers more value and speed.
    • Commercialization: Understanding customers' problems so well that we can not only solve them with our services, but that this input also forms the basis of our products and we take them to a higher level together.
    • Learn customer how to fish instead of handing them a fish every day. Transferring knowledge and safeguarding our customers' freedom.
  • Less rushing me into unimportant things. If the company grows from 0 to 85 people and the company is your baby, you care a lot. By having to distance myself from the company and the role of CEO, this also proves that the company can do without me and that ensures that the confidence is there not to be involved in everything.

With a new form of leadership in the company where decision-making power is distributed, where 6 of the 7 managers are home grown and where everyone can participate, I am very curious about what the next phase will be like.


May luck be on our side


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